Caring For Your Hair After A Transplant

A fresh and lustrous head of hair can instill confidence in any person and once they receive a new head of hair they're going to want to prioritize taking proper care of it. Adopting a healthy and effective hair care routine is one of the best things a recipient of a hair transplant can do for their hair and their healing, and it doesn’t take much to learn the proper method for taking care of their new hair. During this early period, it's important to remain gentle and to use caution, as the scalp will still be healing. 

Tips for Hair Care Post-Transplant

A few tips can make the care process easier for Freehold individuals seeking a care routine post-transplant. These tips for hair care post-transplant include:

  • Keep a clean scalp – It will likely take your hair grafts about 3 days on average to connect with your blood vessels, and your doctor will likely supply you with a spray bottle containing an ATP of Lactated Ringer’s Irrigation to nourish the scalp and help the grafts to settle in. Your professional will also likely give you a schedule to follow when using this solution, and this schedule should be adhered to as closely as possible while all other creams or solutions should be avoided.

  • Gentle hand washing - After the initial 24 to 48 hours of using the spray solution, it'll then be time to begin hand washing your hair. Rather than putting your head directly under the pressure of the shower, it’s better to reduce the water pressure and to use your hands to gently wash your hair outside of the direct line of the water. One should use a gentle shampoo like baby shampoo or tea tree, massage the shampoo in, and then rinse gently using a cup of lukewarm water.

  • Sleeping semi-upright - It will take a little bit for the hair grafts to fully set in, so Freehold residents who have just received a hair transplant should sleep in a semi-upright position to avoid the effect gravity may have on their grafts. Rather than sleeping flat, one should sleep in the “recliner” position for a time, with an upright angle of about 45 degrees. If sleeping in bed, using pillows to mimic this position is best, and it should be kept for a full 48 hours whenever a person lies down.

Additional Post-Transplant Care

There are a few more key care points those in Freehold who have recently received hair transplants should adhere to. After a hair transplant, physical activity should be limited for around the first 5 days post-transplant, and this is to avoid sweating as much as possible.

Along with sweating, a person should not swim in any pools, oceans, lakes, or rivers until all of their stitches have been fully removed. By taking care of yourself post-transplant as closely as possible, a person is far more likely to have a pleasant and successful hair transplant experience.