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As Freehold, NJ's premier hair restoration center, the New Jersey Hair Restoration Center will restore your hair to its natural, youthful state. Using a minimally invasive, advanced surgical technique, we’ll help you achieve the hair you've always been dreaming about.

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Keep Your Real Hair

Looks Natural

Using a highly advanced, minimally invasive technique, we transplant your own hair follicles into your balding areas at our Freehold, NJ hair transplantation clinic. As your new hair grows, it looks and feels like the rest of your hair because it is your natural hair. No other hair restoration procedure offers this natural look.

how it works
Quick, 7-Day Recovery*


Hair restoration surgery with The New Jersey Hair Restoration Center is an outpatient procedure that transforms your scalp immediately. The process uses tiny incisions that leave no scarring, so full recovery only takes about a week. After just seven days, people won't even know that you've had a hair transplantation procedure done.

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Forget Hair Loss for Good

Lasting Results

After 6-9 months of your hair transplantation, you will achieve full hair growth that can last for years to come. We'll put together a long-term strategy during your consultation at our hair clinic to ensure lasting results. Your new hair can be styled, cut, and treated the same way you would treat your natural hair.

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The Procedure

FUE/FUT Hair Transplant

  • map-image

    Doctor Maps Out
    Treatment Area

    The hair restoration procedure at the New Jersey Hair Restoration Center starts with Dr. Shakov mapping out the area for treatment. Tracking the pattern of your hair follicles, he will design a treatment that matches your natural hair growth. He will match the density, direction, and hairline that will look and feel the most real for your hair. He will determine both where to source and where to place your hair follicles.

  • follicle-image

    Follicles Removed
    From Existing Hair

    Using a precision tool with a 1mm diameter, Dr. Shakov will cut a small incision around the hair follicle from the source region. He will then extract the full follicle with a small tweezer-like tool for placement in the new area. The incisions are so tiny they do not leave any scarring, and during the procedure, you will not feel any pain. The area is shaved first, then the doctor uses a local anesthetic, and only the strongest, healthiest hair follicles are extracted from the back of the head.

  • placement-image

    Hair Follicles Placed
    in Balding Area

    The follicles are then prepped for ultimate hair growth and sorted by the number of hair shafts. Once the doctor has extracted the follicle, he will make a tiny incision and determine which follicles will look best in the area. He will then carefully transplant the follicle into the incision. This process also leaves no scarring and does not cause any pain during the treatment. During this process, the doctor will follow the direction of hair growth so that it looks as natural as possible.

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    7-Day Recovery,
    6-Month Full Growth

    Once our outpatient hair transplantation procedure is done, you will experience a very short recovery time. Many of our patients' only report mild discomfort after the treatment and will even return to work the next day. After just a week, the surgical areas will be completely healed, and your new hair follicles will begin the process of growing naturally. Most patients experience full hair growth between 6-9 and months after the procedure is complete. Depending on your unique growth cycle, you may even see results quicker. Once fully grown, your new hair can be cut, colored, and styled like the rest of your natural hair. Without scars or an unnatural appearance, no one will ever know that you had the hair transplant surgery done.

Emil Shakov

Your Doctor

Emil Shakov, MD, FACS

The New Jersey Hair Restoration Center is owned by Dr. Emil Shakov, a highly trained, board-certified surgeon. With advanced training and fellowships in aesthetic surgery from Academy of Procedural Medicine and The American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine, is highly trained in hair restoration treatments. He was trained with the world-renown Hair Transplant 360 program in FUE and FUT treatments and is skilled in the most modern hair restoration techniques.

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How It Works

Have Confidence at Every Step


In-Office Consultation

We start with an in-person consultation with Dr. Shakov at our hair clinic in Freehold, NJ, where he will offer a unique treatment plan for you.


Hair Transplant Procedure

The fast, outpatient treatment will use your own natural hair follicles to restore your hair to its original, youthful glory.


Follow Up & Recovery

You will experience full recovery after 7 days, then will have a follow-up appointment to ensure the procedure went perfectly.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Does Hair Restoration Cost?

    Hair restoration using FUE or FUT is very affordable and is a one-time expense. However, since no two-hair restoration procedures are the same, the cost varies by patient. When you visit us for a consultation at our Freehold, NJ hair clinic, Dr. Shakov will go over the treatment options and costs to help you meet your goals and budget.

  • Can I Use Hair Follicles from Other Areas Of My Body?

    In extreme hair loss cases, we can use hair follicles from other areas of the body. However, we use hair from your scalp to match the color, texture, and patterning of your natural hair. Most patients do not need to source their hair from other areas and may be surprised to learn their scalp hair is best. When you meet for a consultation, you will learn what sourcing options are best for your hair.

  • Can I Wear My Hair Short After Transplantation?

    FUE hair transplantation does not cause any scarring on your scalp. So, patients can wear their hair as short as they want, even in a buzzcut! If you opt for FUT procedure, you may have a very thin, 1mm, or less scar depending on how you heal. Depending on the appearance of this scar, you still may be able to wear your hair short.

  • Does Hair Transplantation Hurt?

    During the hair restoration procedure, you will be administered a local anesthetic, so the hair transplantation surgery itself is not painful. Once the anesthesia wears off, the tiny incisions may be tender and red in the sourcing and transplant areas. For the most part, our patients report only mild discomfort after the procedure, and full recovery happens after a week.

  • How Quickly Will I See My New Hair?

    After the recovery period, you will see your new hairs and what your hairline will look like. How your hair grows depends entirely on the hair growth cycle of the follicle. Everyone is different. Some people see full hair growth after only 3 months, while others see full hair growth after 9 months.

  • Why Should I Choose the New Jersey Hair Restoration Center for Hair Recovery?

    The New Jersey Hair Restoration Center is the best hair transplantation clinic in the Freehold, NJ region. Dr. Shakov is highly-trained in the most modern hair transplantation methods to ensure that when the surgery is complete, you not only have a natural head of hair, but no one will ever be able to tell you had the surgery.